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Stonewall Dodgeball-DC is a LGBT and allies focused sports league formed in association with Stonewall Sports (Stonewall Kickball, Stonewall Bocce, Stonewall Darts, Stonewall Yoga, and Stonewall Billiards). Stonewall Dodgeball's mission is to build community engagement in recreational sports, help foster new friendships among participants, and raise funds and encourage volunteerism for local LGBT-friendly non-profits.

One of our goals is to engage LGBT friendly businesses and bring awareness to the charitable efforts these organizations do for our local community.

Here are some basics about Stonewall Dodgeball:

Target Audience: Stonewall Dodgeball aims to be an inclusive community, so players from all backgrounds are welcome to join.
Season Duration: We expect a 9 week season, including our finals. This would not include any pre- and post-season social activities.
Games: Games will be played on Wednesdays. We encourage everyone to join us at our sponsor bar, Number Nine, for the after-party. 
Sponsorship Opportunities: We generally host a pre-season mixer, mid-season fundraiser, and closing party, each of which come with unique sponsorship opportunities. Player t-shirts and other merchandise (sunglasses, bags, water bottles, etc.) are all sponsor opportunities to gain brand exposure. 

Our lead sponsor is:

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If you're interested in sponsorship for this or future seasons, contact us!

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